Sweet Mama I'm Hooked, Meet the Black Swift


Qualcomm Atheros AR9331 SoC
MIPS 24K CPU core at 400 MHz
64 MB DDR2 RAM and 16 MB NOR flash
Over 25 GPIOs

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Wow, that is a very nice board.

Nice! I’m going to have to get some of those to use for WiFi modules if nothing else.

Looks awesome!

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LOL, now your talking!

@ mtylerjr - Shouldn’t that be a “Y-Fi Antenna”? :smiley:

@ mtylerjr - I had to go back and look at the site to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Good fake there. Should’ve realized it would be too good to be true.

I’m assuming, since they’re selling so cheap, that the WiFi chip they’re using must not be FCC, etc. certified.

You have to envision things… “put it out there into the universe” as my Kiwi wife would say, for them to happen, lol.

@ devhammer - I think they mentioned, that one of the goals is to get FCC certification.

See the “Stretch Goals” in the Kickstarter.

For some reason, this one’s tripping my skepticism meter.

Seems weird that the pricing is in NZ dollars, when the team is from Russia. Seems way too cheap for the features they’re offering. And from all I’ve read, FCC certification may not be a sure thing, or may end up costing them a lot more than they think.

All in all, not for me, though I can understand the enthusiasm. :slight_smile:

Yea. When I came home and started looking it over again tonight I started getting that same feeling… The cool thing about most of these is they get vetted pretty hard and most of the scams are revealed before the end.

@ ianlee74 - I don’t know that I think it’s a scam, per se. But it would be fair to say that I lack confidence in the likelihood that what is being promised will be delivered in full.

OTOH, if you get in early, you’d only be out $20 plus shipping, so at least the loss is limited. :wink:

and that’s what a scammer usually wants you to think :wink:

NZ dollars, team is Russian, most of which live in China, who somehow worked at Samsung.
maybe Samsung is behind the plot lol.

just saying !

I went to check main guys blog. Typical programmer/engineer/geek.
He did moved to NZ around 2010.

Looks valid to me.

Edit: Creator said they have 3 ex-Samsung people on the team.

Hi there

Let me answer your questions :slight_smile:

  1. It’s not scam

  2. There are similar boards already on sale at similar price (Carambola 2, VoCore, ELink M150…) but we are not happy with them for different reasons

  3. Project based in Russia, there’s a small Russian company behind it — Smart Electronics LLC, http://www.smartlx.ru

  4. Kickstarter allows you to transfer money to selected countries only, Russia is not on the list. So to start a project you need someone who lives in one of those countries — usually it’s US, but we don’t have anyone in US and we don’t want to pay to middlemen

  5. If you want to make electronics cheaply, you have to make it in China. That’s why Hong Kong. We can make it in Russia if you want, but price will be at least 20 % higher, probably more than 20 %.

  6. Profit definitely is not huge, but it’s not our goal — we are contract electronics developer, we want Black Swift for ourselves, but to have it at reasonable price we have to produce it in reasonably quantites — which means thousands, not dozens

  7. If you can read Russian (or use Google translate, it’s awful, but sometimes more or less understandable), you can find the whole project’s history here: Posts / Profile of dzhe / Habr (for example, the first prototype, June 2014: Маленький сетевой одноплатный компьютер за 20 USD / Habr) and then here: Black Swift, Москва / Articles / Habr

  8. “Edit: Creator said they have 3 ex-Samsung people on the team”
    Yep! Me (Mobile dept. in Samsung Russia), Dmitry (Samsung Russia R&D Center) and Alexander (Mobile R&D in Seoul).

Any more questions, gentlemen? :slight_smile:


Welcome Oleg and thank you for clarification!

Making links visible.

@ olegart - Thanks for the response…always nice to engagement from a stakeholder. I can see where KS’s rules put you all in a tougher position. Good luck with your project.