Surprise from GHI

Got home today and found nice surprise from GHI.

It is awesome!

Thank you everybody!!!


You are welcome. We all pitched in. It was difficult though - the first one we got turned out to be under 21 so we had to let her go and hire another.

Edit: oh shoot… wrong surprise.


@ Architect - Wow now that is a big tease… Way to make us all curious :smiley:

Update: now I feel silly, when I saw the post the image had not loaded…
Congratulations and well deserved!

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What? Why didn’t I get one when I became a senior :smiley:

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Nice floor… hardwood I suppose …

Now if you could move that glass …

But seriously congrats and thank you.

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@ Rajesh - Thanks! I put that hardwood floor myself. :slight_smile:

@ Architect - Congrats, now that’s a fine and cool surprise you’ve got.

Ha, for me another reason to get Immortal !! ;D

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@ Architect - Congrats


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@ Architect - Congratulations and a very nice touch from GHI. Well done :clap:

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It is literally years of hard work and a helping hand to become an immortal in this amazing community. This gift is the least we can do. Thank you for everything and we look forward to you helping the community for years to come.

I also look forward to seeing the next immortal…who is it going to be?


Thank you all! ;D

@ Gus - It is a close race. :smiley:

I’ll volunteer, but I’ve got the feeling as if something is missing … :whistle:

Well I estimate that I will be immortal in about 50 years!! :open_mouth:

For a small fee, I can add to your points! :whistle:


With the number of points required I very much doubt the fee would be small. :wink:

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“Whoops, how’d those two zeroes get added there? Oh well, no point fixing it…”


@ Gary - Ah, Gary, you’re such a tease.

(But seriously how much we talking :wink:

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