Surfs Up GHI?

Here in the Chi we’re expecting waves of 16-30ft (5-9meters). Will we see the GHI crew catching some waves?

@ Skewworks - I have already offered Gus and the crew to go surfing on those 30ft waves Lake Michigan should be getting, so either look for us to post awesome pictures or look for us in the “Missing Persons Report” section of our local media outlets if we do go :wink:


Please make sure no more than half of your staff goes surfing at the same time :wink:

of course the simplest way to alleviate that is only take enough surfboards for half. Yes, I may be pointing out the bleeding obvious to many of the folk here, but surfing in the US, in October almost November, and not in Hawaii, that’s just crazy talk (oh and 9m waves !!! )

Well, we did not end up going surfing so fear not, the staff is safe! It’s a bit too cold outside for surfing (42F/6C) and none of us are quite that insane ;p

@ James - you big girls blouse :smiley:

Wet suits that’s how we did it in the 60’s

Boxers. That’s how they do it in the Polar Bear Club.

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