Super-noob questions - getting started

I just got a FEZ Panda board, I have VS2010 with NETMF installed. I installed the GHI USB drivers and put the latest firmware on the Panda (4.1 something I beleive).

I’m a seasoned .NET developer, I’ve done some hobbyist-type stuff with sensors (using Phidgets), but I’m new to NETMF.

I checked out the samples, but couldn’t really find one that did the basics. I don’t have any input or output at the moment, so I just want to, in code A) see if I’m running in an emulator or not and B) get some basic information about the system/board/firmware/etc. Just using intellisense and trying different things, I get InvalidOperationException with just about everything I try using the emulator first.

Anyone have any good resources on how to start off with some basic output of some useful information about the current environment?

Also, I tried to add a reference to FEZPanda_GHIElectronics.NETMF.FEZ because I assume this is going to have some Panda-specific functionality, but this blows up when I run it via the emulator.

How do you make an emulator that acts like a Panda board?

Signed, the Newb - thanks!

Welcome to the forum.

We have some resources that will help you started:

Free e-book:

Beginners Tutorial:

There is more info on Wiki as soon as it is up again.

yeah welcome Rob.

The emulator will always complain that you don’t have a Panda attached if you attempt to deploy to it with the FezPanda_GHI(blah) reference added. That you can ignore. But if you attempt to reference stuff that only GHI add, then you’re not going to get much further - there really isn’t a complete method to do that (actually someone was working on emulating a Fez, did that go anywhere?).

One book I have bought that I found valuable was Jens Kuhner’s Expert .Net Micro Framework (I have the 2nd edition, found it for ~$20 new on ebay). It covers a wide range of topics and not just at Expert level but was really good at helping understand some of the basics too - but the beginners guide as Architect points out is also invaluable !

Architect - thanks, I’m digging into those now.

Brett - I did order that book, in fact it’s supposed to be delivered today.

Thanks for the quick responses, I’ll continue to dig in!

Let me run one more thing by you guys. I have a simple program:

public static void Main()
    Debug.Print("Manufacturer: " + Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.SystemInfo.OEMString);
    Debug.Print("Version: " + Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.SystemInfo.Version.ToString());


I run it in the emulator, it works fine. I bring up MFDeploy, my Panda responds to a ping. So in VS2010, I choose USB as the deployment option and “USBizi_USBizi” as the device.

When I hit F5, I only get:

[quote]------ Deploy started: Project: MFConsoleApplication3, Configuration: Debug Any CPU ------
------ Deploy started: Project: MFConsoleApplication3, Configuration: Debug Any CPU ------
An error has occurred. Please check your hardware========== Deploy: 0 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 skipped ==========[/quote]

and for deployment output:

[quote]Incrementally deploying assemblies to device
Deploying assemblies for a total size of 189928 bytes
Assemblies not successfully deployed to device.
Deployment to the device was not successful.[/quote]

Any ideas why this doesn’t work? It should be this straight-forward, right??

Try different usb port/cable.

Edit: Total size is suspicious. Start with empty project.

189928 bytes?! WOW what assemblies have you added? :slight_smile:

@ Gus. You are the fastest again! :smiley:

Ha ha…it is a race Architect…bring it on my friend! :slight_smile:

Ahh - that was it! Yeah, this was a project where I was messing around with all sorts of ideas. I started with a fresh project, now I get:

[quote]Deploying assemblies for a total size of 7408 bytes
Assemblies successfully deployed to device.[/quote]

And sure enough, it ran - I deployed my first project, thanks all!

Congratulations! You just made first step in becoming a FEZ zealot! ;D ;D ;D

@ Rob, stay tuned for some extensive tutorials in the making!