Suggestions for button covers

I’m looking for button covers to use for the buttons to control my device. I already have some like this,

I really just want to find some rubber or plastic covers for them. Kinda like, but I don’t want all the colors and I already have buttons.

Any suggestions?

Like those 20,000 pieces siting on my desk? :slight_smile:

Gus the Magician! :slight_smile:

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I thought it was an interesting choice for the GHI crew to buy Gus 20,000 button caps for his birthday. He must have a lot of buttons at home !

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@ Brett - hehe yep

He wanted to be a Button Man for Halloween, but they bought wrong buttons. :slight_smile:

They like to push his buttons?


I have some caps that one of my co-workers sent me. I like 'em because they’re slightly concave, so your finger doesn’t slip off.

Yes, I’m that clumsy. :slight_smile: