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Was wondering what the chances are of adding a topic for “General Electronics Questions” (or discussion)

I haven’t been here long, and I know this forum is for microcontroller discussion, but it’s inevitable that sometimes folks - especially ones who are just learning - will have questions that go a little beyond the microcontroller, but still relate back in a way as they’re trying to interact with outside things, design circuits, whatever.

It would kind of be an off topic but not quite so off topic area.

For example I’m pretty new at all of this stuff. Been devouring what I can learn as fast as possible the last couple of months but the more I learn about things the more I know I’m only ankle deep in a vast ocean of stuff. I’ve taken a few steps off the shore and occasionally find myself drowning in datasheets. :slight_smile:

With the new forum layout it shouldn’t detract too much from the overall mission; in fact I don’t see how it could detract from it as the more stuff people find they can use and code with the better it is overall for MCU SOC/SOM sales… right?

So why not have a general electronics discussion topic for folks who want to ask “What stepper motor should I get” or “How do I build a circuit for x/y/z”?


Off topic is usually for things way, way off topic like “Check out this cat video!”. If you don’t know where to put it, then off topic it is.

Perhaps one day when the forum administrators determine that there are a lot of questions about topic x occurring around the forum, they will create a topic x as one of the main categories. But for now, I think we should just let it grow organically.


So, speaking of stepper motors I’m going to open another off topic in a second. You the go to guy for those around here? :slight_smile:


changed the category site feedback to suggestions and feedback. Then changed your post to this category.

Let me think about adding something for electronics (hardware)


@trent1098s, And that’s what I mean by organic. Erm, I guess i’m a go to guy for steppers. I don’t know everything but I do know somethings