Suggestion for the forums

It would be helpful to have the datetime of the last post to show on the top level page of each forum.

Currently when I visit the forums to see what’s new since I came last, I click on posts and go to the last page of the post to see if there is something I have not read yet. If the date was on the top level page, I wouldn’t have to drill down to see what’s new.

Thank you.

@ terrence - The full forum list:

includes the information you’re looking for, and if you click on the link in the right-hand column, it’ll take you directly to the last post.

Also, if you view the Unread post view:

clicking on the Subject in that view will take you to the most recent post.

Also, there is a Suggestions forum, which is probably a better place for a thread such as this.

@ devhammer -
I will move the post to the suggestion forum.

Thanks for your tips.