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Suggestion for new forum format


I would like to see the age of a posting on the left side of the screen instead of the right.

I often look at the age, and having it on the right side means I have to move my head to see it.

More of a problem with larger screens.


Another suggestion: add the old experience stats (xp to next level, etc…) to a tool-tip to the avatar image


What happened to showing who was the last person to post in a thread?

Also, can we get a “posts” count to see how many post there are in a thread?


^^^^^ Those should be made into a mouseover pop-out window.


Also need to be able to see when the last post was. With threads being marked as read or not seemingly randomly i dont know if the last person to post when i last looked at it responded again or not. It doesn’t help that i can’t even see who the last person who responded was, but that’s another issue


I am seeing who the last post was from on the right hand side. I also see when it was posted. I have not noticed the threads being marked read randomly - can you describe what you are seeing?


Actually, what you are seeing is who created the thread :frowning:

Sometimes a thread is marked as read when you view it… sometimes it’s not. Sometimes threads are marked as read, then when you go to another forum and come back they are unread again - even though there have been no changes.


Now i can’t even see who the last response was from the main forum list…


No worries Mark the forum is still undergoing changes.


OK we really need to bring last post dates back to the top level so when I accidentally click “Mark As Read” instead of “View All Unread” I don’t have to go guessing at which of the top posts have or haven’t been updated since the last time I looked. ???


Skewworks they were removed because I’m adding replacements. They will be live tomorrow.