Success with 4.2 on own hardware, cool!


its really cool, type msbuild in proper folder
start dfu updater
fire VS2010 C#
select usb comms
select pin for the on board LED
press the green arrow

and the LED on your custom board blinks…




why are you monitoring forums on sunday? :slight_smile:

maybe i was too short… just wanted to say the fez_cerberus beta … all works out of box
get the zip, get sdk/pk/rvds
cd solutions/fez_cerberus
flash STM32F415 (in our case…) using dfu
install ghi usb drivers
run vs2010
create new app from template (blinky demo)
change the LED gpio pin
start debugging (press green arrow)
and watch how C# led blinky blinks a led on your hardware on your desk…

simple actually…


I thought you made your own hardware design :slight_smile: You didn’t say Cerberus anywhere.

Glad it worked for you.

Well, YES we have our own PCB board with STM32F4, until today I have no hardware products from GHI in our lab yet.


Cool. Share more info if you can. We aprtitiate any support as well.

Gus we are JUST about to announce our products but until that there is only “private preview” available, no publicity. We are pushing as we can, but there will be some days still until we publish our concept. We can say that its much using “open” concepts both for hardware and software.