Stronger Motor Driver L298 Module

Is there more powerful motor driver module then Motor Driver L298 Module that I can hook up onto my fez spider board?
I want to control 2 DC motors 60w, 24v.

Not readily available in Gadgeteer form, not that I know of. You could take a MakeBread or Extender though and wire up any motor controller you wish.

My motor drivers will do the trick if I place higher voltage caps on there for you.

There is at present a noise issue on the “Motor Fault” indication pin, which I will try to resolve this week.

My module can do 3A to 5A, has current feedback, PWM, Free and Brake modes. My default it is set up for max 16V, but I can do a custom module for higher voltage, up to 28V.

Some info here: GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software

But I have removed it from my site until I can fix the noise problem…

For further reading, this is the chip I’m using: