Strange USB Serial Port

[Device, Port 0]
Type: Unknown
ProductID: 29987
VendorID: 6790
=== Interface ===
Class: Vendor Specific
SubClass: 1
Number: 0
Protocol: 2
Type: 4
– Endpoint –
Attributes: 2
Address: 130
Type: 5
Interval: 0

– Endpoint –
Attributes: 2
Address: 2
Type: 5
Interval: 0

– Endpoint –
Attributes: 3
Address: 129
Type: 5
Interval: 1

It works in Windows and automatically downloads the driver…

Any ideas how to connect to it?

Anyone read Chinese?!

This is the device…time to look for a replacement i think…

Is this on a particular device you need to talk to or are you using this IC in your designs?

I for one only use FTDI parts as I have had no issues ever in using these to add USB to all of my embedded designs.

What driver does it download under Windows? Can you screen capture the driver details from Device Manager for all the property pages.

Looks like a simple RS232-USB converter, like the aforementioned FTDI part.

The .exe link on that page I posted is the driver.