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Strange Problem when adding a icon.ico file to resources


I have been adding web site files to my Resources folder. things have been working just fine.
in my tree i can see under Resources.resx file there is a Resource.Designer.cs file that gets updated when i add a file like it should.

When i try to add a icon.ico file something very strange happens. The file shows up in the Resources folder, but then the Resource.Designer.cs disappears, and then all my files that were in the Resources.resx tab gets removed. I have tried this several times with the same results.

Any reason why i cannot add a .ico file and why it freaked out when i do this ?


Some files are handled special. You can stop this by renaming your file extension to bin


i am using that file for a webserver and the browser is expecting that file name.


Just rename and try.


huh, that actually worked :wink: