Strange but true

None of the distributors or distributors of distributors have a FEZ Domino to sell in Canada :slight_smile:

RobotShop lists it as “New stock soon” :), I spoke to some of the SparkFun distris. here, they dont have one either.

I guess people will be forced to import :slight_smile:

Wow! I guess the good news is that shipping to Canada is not much compared to anywhere else!

it is $42 US :slight_smile:

Wow!! I was thinking $20! Those FedEx gus must be making a lot of money! We ship from Michigan … I can almost drive it to you :slight_smile:

Could there be a problem with the calculation from the GHI cart ?

These are the rates I get from a lookup on the SparkFun site (Boulder, CO 80301 to Mississauga,Canada)


International Priority $23.20
International Economy $21.31

What are you trying to buy. I will ask the guys to check for you.

A FEZ Domino.