StorageDev.MountSD() not checking CD pin on Cerberus OSHW (not Gadgeteer)

Firstly I am using Cerberus firmware complied for Discovery using GCC (thanks NicolasG)
I’ve attached a microSD per the Cerberus pins PC8-12 with PD2 for SDCMD and PC2 for CDN

I can check whether a card is inserted or not

 InputPort sdDetectPin;
            sdDetectPin = new InputPort((Cpu.Pin)34, false, Port.ResistorMode.Disabled);
            bool sdExist = false;
            sdExist = sdDetectPin.Read() == false; 

works fine.

The SDCard is no automounted which I thought it would be from the forum posts. I have to use StorageDev.MountSD(). Has the firmware changed?

Also StorageDev.MountSD(); doesn’t seem to use the CD pin to check whether there is a card present. If there is no card inserted it hangs.
Would it not be better to handle that situation?