Stm32f4 - discovery kit as Fez Cerberus - debug error

Please help. I use stm32f4 discovery kit (with stm32f407) as fez cerberus mainboard. Until now all ok and now I can not debug. Error shown in image. I use visual studio 2010 express edition, TinyBooter and TinyCLR.

I see this often, this is related to Visual Studio. Restart it and then “Rebuild” project.

Can you tell more about using Discovery as Cerberus. Is it a good fit?

Discovery boards are much cheaper.

restart, rebuilt still not working :frowning:

Remove all break points and rebuild all.

Rebooting PC also sometimes works for me…

The test application is loaded into the MCU, not only to debug. After restarting the MCU test LEDs blink.