HI ,
I am a biginner with .NETMICROFRAMEWORK. My project is a robot commanded with STM32F4 able to make voice and facial recognition.I know that the usual .NET is an efficient tool for this technologie but before i start i gave a look at .NET Gadgeteer.My quetions are :
1-Can i use the libraries and the namespaces of the classical .NET with stm32F4 while using .NETMICROFRAMEWORK??
2-Are the .NET Gadgeteer classes usefull with STM32F4 ???
Thanks for help

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  1. The Micro Framework uses a small subset of the full .NET namespaces. When there is a matching namespace, the number of classes and methods are usually reduced in MF.
  2. Gadgeteer is useful for doing prototypes with minimal wiring when using the Gadgeteer modules. You will have to determine if this helps you. The Gadgeteer software layer I suspect will do little for you.

Doing voice and facial recognition requires processor power. Doing this processing in managed code (C# or VB) is going to be too slow for most applications of this type. This is a bit more difficult that using managed code.

It is possible to native c++ programming in conjunction with managed code.

@ Mike -
Thanks Mike for answering.So you are advicing me to switch to the usual solution using STM32F4 codes ???

I guess I am.

You have a project which would be a challenge for someone who is experienced with the Micro Framework. I see no advantage to learning MF for this project.

Having said that, MF is a great environment to use with an appropriate application. But, performance is a challenge with MF. The managed code is interpreted not compiled.