STM32 port with the STM32F217


I have an board with the STM32F217, and I have seen that the STM32 port is supported in the new 4.2 port kit and this is an STM32F1xx type. Now I think it is possible to use this port as an startup for the STM32F217 microcontroller.

I have a few question to add something to the port if possible.

Can i add an seriel flash witch can be used to store an programm?

Can a driver be added that can be acces in the Visual C# to control an external LCD controller trought the external bus witch is available in STM32F217, this bus can be used to controll external ram or LCD controller?

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Yes you can do all that, see our porting ebook on the support page please.

Thank you for you anwser Gus

Just note that, as far as i know, the 2xx and the 4xx is very close code wise, and the 1xx is the odd one. It might be easier to use the cerberus port on the 2xx…

Okay, thank you!

Where can I find the cerberus port?

Here: GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software

Thank you, I will look into it.

I would like to native program the LCD controller bus interface, with this bus interface I can acces an external LCD controller. This because the external LCD controller can handle 24-bit 800x480 TFT screen.

Just remember that you need 1.5MB of memory for one 800x600x24bit image…

That is true, but I will do this with an external ram witch is connected to the bus also. So you can read bitmap from SD card and then put it on the lcd controller.