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Stepper Motor Control



I am about to have a play with the STEPR-GM-418 board to perform basic control of a stepper motor. I have a demand signal from 0-10v (0v = minimum position, 1-v = maximum position) and a 0-10v feedback signal indicating current position.

I am pretty confident that my FEZ Cerbuino and the STEPR-GM-418 will be able to handle this and I can write a basic control algorithm.

Does anyone have any advice on this in terms of potential pit-falls or things I need to be made aware of. So far when I have been using the gadeteer boards I have been getting on OK with them, once I have everything set up! - that’s half the battle for me!




I have little (no) experience with this module or the L6470 chip that it uses. But from the module image it is intended to control a 4-wire stepper motor, and has no “demand” capability. I suspect you will need to show more information about your stepper to see if the driver on this module is suitable.


I guess I’d be the one with vast experience with the L6470 chip, yet I don’t know what you mean by “demand” capability. Just a ensure you’re motor is sufficiently powered, and your accelerations values are practical for the motor that you’re using: and it will be fine.