Steep price, but may need to get one of these and FEZify it

Mind-controlled helicopter (actually, it’s a Bluetooth-enabled EEG headset, so you could theoretically control anything you choose…they just bundle it with a crash-resistant (for obvious reasons) IR helicopter.

Direct link to video:

Might be cheaper to just buy the headset alone:

Product listing says BT 3.0, though…so wondering if this would work with the BT module for Gadgeteer?

No won’t work with Gadgeteer as this uses a2dp protocol and the Gadgeteer one only offers SPP.


Way to rain on my parade. :frowning:

Once my GPSUltras sell out getting a full Bluetooth module for gadgeteer is on my todo list :wink:

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This thing is based on NeuroSky technology as well: was one of the pages I looked at, although looking at the other MindWave devices there might be a serial stream that has data where the A2DP was just for the voice/audio… and then, yes, you could grab that data back to a Gadgeteer device, assuming the data was able to be parsed (is there an SDK or API documented; I haven’t looked).

again, if they present readable data over SPP.

sorry, was thinking in shorthand.

The fact that it has BT on the headset doesn’t mean anything if they don’t present the “data” over the serial stream that the BT portion offers - the only profile the curent BT module offers is Serial, meaning a UART over BT that transfers the data between the sending device (headset) and the consumer (in our case, Gadgeteer).

A quick look on the developer site shows they have arduino’s reading this stuff, so there’s definetely hope for a Gadgeteer connected device. Anyone want to ship me a headset? :slight_smile:

Digging up the dead.

I have the bluetooth module connecting to the MindWave Mobile, but I’m not getting any data from it and I’m under the impression from reading the Arduino posting for the Mindwave that it basically pukes data by the bucket. So its possible that I’ve missed something or that the existing Bluetooth module isn’t up to the task, I’m hoping for the former, any suggestions?

Thats possibly the best description of data comms ever! :smiley: ROFL

Well some measure of success, I have my MindWave Mobile connecting to the bluetooth module and I have data, but I’m not overly thrilled by the quality of the data (or how the buckets of puke are delivered). Still more work to do, but at least some progress.

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I have this helicopter in my room. But not hacking yet.