Startup behaviour of G120 GPIO's

we use a G120 based custom board without Display.
The board has 8 digital Outputs.
4 of them are connected to Green 0 to Green 3 (P1_20 … P1_23)
the other 4 are connected to SPI3_Mosi, COM4_TX, COM4_RX, COM3_OE (P1_1, P4_28, P4_29, ?)

The problem is that the 4 ‘Green’ GPIO’s get high on reboot for a short time.
The other 4 does not.

I assume that this might happen because the G120 wants to display something on the display when booting.
Is ist possible to deactivate the Display completely.
Or is there a other reason for such a behaviour?

We have a pure NETMF Project. There is no Gadgeteer involved.
Firmware is 4.2.9

The next firmware will default to no display to cover your issue and similar issues.

With next Firmware you mean 4.2.11?
Any idea when it is released?

Any idea how we can prevent this now?
Unfortuenatelly the Green 0 GPIO triggers an safety critical event.
I know we should have checked for this earlier, but now we need a quick solution.

You can’t fix without next release but have you tried adding pull down resistors?

Next SDK is days away, no set date.