Starting with BrainPad

Yesterday I got my Brainpad!
As I am a teacher I want to try to find out how to use it in my courses.
So I immediately started with my first program following the introduction - pdf.
I had success with this, but I must say, that for some of my pupils - the absolute beginners - it will be quite difficult to include the libraries and the brainpad.cs - file.
So I made a VSIX - file which should make it easier to start from the scratch.
If someone is interested let me know but it is not that perfect now to put it on codeshare I think.
I would wish the brainpad to be included into the GHI - SDK.

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Great idea. I think we can add this right on the BrainPad page.

I sent my VSIX - example to brainpad@ and put it on Codeshare.
I think it needs some improvement but all in all it works.
Nevertheless I would like to have the BrainPad in the Mainboard-list of your SDK.

Its a great idea to use brain pad for students.