Starting TinyCLR with my old stuff


back from about 6 years without GHI stuff i would like to spend time again with my good old Cobra, Hydra and Fez Panda.

I run into Problems with the new V2 Bootloader.
First question, is an old Panda able to use the New TinyCLR?
How to connect a Hydra or Spider with a serial usb component? Because of Windows 10 i need a serial connection but do not own a Gadeteer USB serial Modul, only a Ftdi serial Module.

I read the documentation, but can’t find my answers.


Panda: yes. See which talks about the first step, for UsbIZI (what Panda runs)

Connect FTDI to COM1 pins on your devices. If you look at the v1-to-v2 page you’ll see where they talk about doing that for an EMX based device (Spider). You just need to have a Gadgeteer breakout Board of some kind to get from the small connector pitch to something like a breadboard that you can use your FTDI with.


thank you Brett!

i will give it a try and report later…

Sadly no success.

I try two Pandas, both with the same result(USBizi Bootloader)
I try to upload the Bootloader file with the result on the image.

With my Spider i have no connection. Connect field 11 from Spider with the Gadgeteer extender. Connect USB serial RX and TX with Pin 5 and 6 on extender. No reaction. Tried pin 4 and 5 too.
No success.

What’s wrong ?


Update…Spider is now in Bootloader V2 and with new Firware :slight_smile:
Set a serial connection on pin 4 and 5 at the Extender. On Spider i set all 4 dips on and connect the extender on slot 11.After new booloader is set, all dips set back to off and reset. That’s it.

Panda still not in Bootloader V2

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Update II…I’ve got it
The Panda II Boards are now tinyclr ready :slight_smile:


great news. Care to elaborate why earlier you failed and how you resolved it? It’d be a good thing for someone else to know if they hit the same situation

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No problem.
Main problem for me was finding all informations on the website. Maybe it’s only a problem for me :slight_smile:

So for all old devices an usb serial adapter is necessary. No way without it. The devices had to put in serial mode. TinyClr is not functional for me.
Take Terra Term and get the informations to put the device in bootloader mode. Than bring it to V2.
Here i have the most problems in the beginning.
After that and with the right informations from the website, the firmware is no Problem.
For Hydra and Spider you can use the extender gadgeteer to easy connect to the serial adapter.The original USB LPC is not useable.

All this is on Windows 10, older versions are not so complicated.

So if someone has problems, send me a message and i will help you if i can.