Starting off early

For his 8th birthday, Nolan wanted to skip school and go to work like a big boy so here we are. I am teaching him how to create lists and to edit the posts of those who oppose me… :whistle:


With multiple daily trips to the Golden Archs :smiley:

Tim Hortons and a slushie for Nolan from our break room.

This explains the outage last night… Or maybe how it got fixed this morning?


I saw you drinking coke the other day too so you may want to consider this next time :slight_smile:

I’ve given up on all soda drinks now for the last 6 months and just do beer once a week and drink carbonated water the rest of the time. In just changing this alone I’ve started to lose the weight I need to lose without hitting the gym which I hate. Of course, I do walk a lot so this helps too.

Even Coca Cola themselves have this on their website in the UK.

Just think how much a slimmer Gary would look :stuck_out_tongue: