Standalone DL40

Anyone have any success using the DL40 as a stand-alone microprocessor? I haven’t purchased hardware yet, but looked at the projects C source.
It looks like the 50mhz cortex m0 would be much better than an arduino in power consumption & performance.

I’m thinking these with simple sensors & nordic wireless connections would be great in a lot of applications where Micro.NetFW would be overkill.

Just wondering if anyone has any real world experience with these it yet.

I was planning on trying something like this, but didn’t have time yet. Might try it after Olympic Games are over.

Too busy competing? :smiley:

Exactly! :smiley:

I’m in the same boat as Architect. I’ve got two sitting here collecting dust that I bought for that very purpose and haven’t had time to touch them yet. In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen any projects posted yet based on the DL40. Is anyone out there doing anything with it yet?

I did a quick review of the DL40 code base, and realized that there was a good deal of study that would
be necessary to get started with the module. I am waiting for a lot of extra time, or for someone to
do a tutorial. :slight_smile:

Ok, that’s pretty much what I thought since I didn’t see any other mention on the forum.

Thanks guys.

I am going to invest time in learning to build M0 firmwares, initially, and then bigger and better processors if it’s fun, interesting, or rewarding.

To facilitate that, I am considering purchasing:
LPC11U14 LPCXpresso Board - LPC11U14 LPCXpresso - Embedded Artists
Half of it is an LPC11U14, under test, and the other half is a JTAG debugger hosted by a different LPC.
[ul]The schematic for the DL40 shows “1113/4” for the IC. Please confirm my suspicion that the 11U14 is compatible with the 1113F included on my DL40. Among the 2-3 nearly identical models, the ‘U’ has an additional USB 2.0 client connector on the non-JTAG half. It seems like it is most similar to the DL-40.
Will firmwares that I write for it, using basic functionality-SPI, I2C, etc., be uploadable to the DL-40 module?
Will I be able to upload the GHI firmware to the 11U14 and debug it? I learn best by stepping through it.[/ul]

@ Kerbal, the chip on my DL40 is LPC1113F/302, 48 pin. This board is interesting for sure also for standalone use. It has interesting second boot loader on I2C, quite rare in mcu.

PS: Looking better on LPC1113 the IAP I2C fw update is done only on /303 chip. The /302 only accept UART fw update

@ dobova - I have the same 1113F/302 chip on my DL40 and PulseInOut modules. That one and the 11U14F/201 are both from the same 111x family, Cortex-M0. I know the U14 has a different physical configuration, more pins and features brought to pads, but can any amount of code-compatibility be inferred from the shared architecture?

Thanks, Jon

@ Kerbal - I don’t see much difference in code porting from 11uxx series. Obviously you miss all USB feature on 11xx series. I suggest to download this zip file from NXP site:

This ZIP file contains lot of documentation, user’s guide, code example about 11xx chip line.

Sooooo cool! NXP’s website it a hack right now while they are undoing a failed migration, but I finally found the samples and stumbled my way through C-101. Their samples include code for the STM32F (Cerb40) and they have an xpresso board for the 17xx series (G120) too!!!

I’ve already got my Gyro working and will probably finish with the Accelerometer and Kalman filter tonight! Then, I’ll just need to add the RF modem. As a finished product, the DL-40 will poll the sensors through one socket, interact with ground station through the other, and PWM the speed controls, itself.

The samples I got even include USB host functions for the 11U14. It’s got example firmware for CDC, HID, kb/mouse, etc.; very thorough.

Nice to have some day, but I won’t even be using USB for my current project. I’m planning on converting the upstream socket into an I2C master and using the UART pins on the downstream socket to interface with the modem.

@ Kerbal - look inside cmsis routine from keil, they have some DSP function that are very handy. Look also LPCOpen sw on

@ dobova - OMG I KNOW!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I got the ARM package, the IAR package, GHI got all the DL sources posted (woot), LPCOpen, all the Xpresso examples for every chip known to man, two of the new Freescale Freedom boards, etc., etc. So much to learn again.

I’m so excited to confirm that nearly all of the crazy-expensive Ardupilot Mega’s features can fit on a $20 DL-40!!

@ dobova - I miss .NET though… :’(
I write everything new in C++ rather than C.

Are you attempting a DL-40 quadrocopter brain?

Would love details