Stand alone program to load ChipworkX Program?

I am looking at a way to create a windows based program that takes a blank ChipworkX chip and loads tinybooter then loads the firmware and then loads the C# Program file.
First step can be automated with a batch file…ok
Second step is the a command line that I can run MFD deploy with?
Third how do I get the build file from VS and then how do I install it without VS?
Can I do all of this with a simple batch file or do I need to look at building a small GUI?
Any advice or pointers will help on this. Even what terms I should be searching for would be a great help. Thanks in advance.

Mfdeploy can also load your c# app. You need to “create deployment” master file using mfdeploy first.

Thanks for your quick response. After i create the master file do I deploy it with the two hex firmware files or do I two step it? Does a command line exist for the MFDeploy or does it have a api that can be exposed? Just trying to make deployments to be simple as clicking on icon and task being completed with minimal involvement from none savy users.

You can achieve what you need with MFDeploy and even create your own app using MFDeploy DLL. Please see MFDeploy documentation for more detail.

Thanks really new at this. Just need some direction to point at, thanks.