ST Claims that STM32 is also on NETMF!

another example of why we must continue to promote NETMF as a real alternative to other systems…


Interesting on this page Development Boards from Partners - STMicroelectronics they have the Mountaineer boards.

Go Go Gadgeteer!!!

…and also the Cerb40 is from an ST Chip !!!

Over that, seeing NETMF in founder web sites is a real pleasure !

have you guys seen this:

the netmf firmware for the Discovery F429 is already available from the above doc:

edit the direct link:

I wish they would release the source for the 429 Port.


Yes, that would be useful. The problem seems to be that they use an existing ST library in the port, and that this library’s MCD-ST Liberty SW license might be incompatible with Apache 2.0. At least this is how I understood them.

We may later this year take a closer look at their sources (we have received them months ago), to see where exactly the dependencies on this library are (mostly graphics, I assume), and what it would mean to remove them.