SSL web server app supported on Mountaineer Ethernet Mainboard?

I’m using a Mountaineer Ethernet Mainboard. Have tried sample web server app:

(A class to configure the network parameters from an HTTP page)

This is working fine.
Now want to add security with SSL to run webpage securely by https.

Tried the sample secure web server example in Microsoft .NET Micro Framework 4.2 but get io exceptions and thread exits (Visual Studio 2010 debugging).
(Tried MFDeploy update SSL seed but sometimes is works sometimes get error messages.)

Just want confirmation that SSL is supported and can run a secure web server for my board (Mountaineer Ethernet Mainboard) before continuing.


Unfortunately, the Open SSL implementation used by NETMF is about an order of magnitude too large for even the STM32F4 microcontrollers, with their (relatively) huge on-chip memories.

Hi Cuno,

Thanks for replying. It sure answers the question.

Now if I can continue in my questioning…

  1. I guess if I want to have a secure web server page in the Gadgeteer platform, I would need to somehow add more on-board memory for the STM32F4 (implies changing the architecture) or change to another board like the FEZ Spider or Cobra?

  2. But if I keep my hardware unchanged, what are my options to have a secure web server?
    i) Find another SSL implementation that is lightweight (smaller memory footprint) and integrate into the application with NETMF?

Do you have any recommendations?


Does it have to be SSL? NETMF has other crypto options so you can build your own security.

Hi Gus,

You’re suggesting other ways to encryt the communication?
What I basically want to is to have secure communications between a client (web browser) and a server (http / tcp server).
I figure is the way to go which implies SSL.


IF you are using “browsers” then it has to be SSL