SSL to Azure Service Bus

I have done some searching and I can’t find a definitive answer.

Can .NET MF handle the necessary SSL/TLS communications to talk to the Azure Service bus natively? Referencing the “Internet of Things” article here: it appears that version 4.2 should be able to handle it.

Has anyone successfully done it? I see most people using the cloud with MF devices set up a web role to receive the unencrypted data. Because of the security requirements for the project I would much rather go directly to the Service Bus using SSL.


I know of someone who used Azure service. It should work with SSL as well.

I believe SSL is still only supported on GHI’s premium boards. So, make sure the mainboard you get has support.

i use the Azure db to store data from some devices without SSL.
you need to have a web service relay the data using odata.
here is a tut on the topic

I’ve done a project where data was send to a (tcp) socket server on a azure host and db store with XTEA encryption. Client side was a fez spider.

I can confirm that it is possible to talk directly to the Azure Service bus using a G120 with mf 4.2.

My app is getting the access token from the Azure Access Control Service. It then uses SSL to send a message to a Service Bus topic. The message is read back using a Service Bus Topic Subscription.

Right now my code is a bit messy but when it’s cleaned up I will post.

Yes please share your code.

any more progress on this?