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I was hoping to make some things clear to other users, so here you go:

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Let me know if something is wrong :wink:


Thanks for sharing!
I have my own hexapod that I have started to work on sometime ago. I didn’t want to use SSC-32 at that time because i use really small servos and would like it to have as less overhead as possible. Now with MF based devices and especially Panda that make all those pins available (in addition to a “standard” arduino set of pins) I think it is a great possibility to have servo controller and sequencer on the same board. I am waiting for Panda to arrive and I hope I will finish my hexapod with just one board.



You can control the SSC-32 with just 2 simple Male-female wires. Connect one from panda(com out) to SSC(Rx) and the other should be connected to ground.

Have fun. If you have any questions feel free to ask


I agree SSC-32 is great controller and easy to use. I still would like to try implement mine based on Panda. I might have some questions later.

Thank you,