SQLite - what's supported?


Whats supportet in SQLite from the GHI Library? I know that the datatypes INTEGER, DOUBLE and TEXT are supportet, but which queries are possible? SELECT, DELETE, INSERT - but is WHERE, GROUP BY, HAVING, ORDER BY possible? I can’t find a documentation about it.

Thanks for info.


I am not sure what was tested but we didn’t remove anything from SQLite do all should work. I also remember an issues with date time field.

DateTime? The Library Documentation says, that only INTEGER, DOUBLE and TEXT is available?

Yeah, That what Gus meant no DateTime.

ok, but the rest of the sqlite-standard is implemented?

I have already answered your question.

If you do not own the hardware and you have specific query you want us to try for you then let us know.

I have a ChipworkX Board - I’ll try…