SQLite in TinyCLR

In NetMF, SQLite is the useful tool to carry out small database management. However, in TinyCLR, it seems the library is still missing.

Does anybody know how to implement SQLite coding in TinyCLR?

You can in theory add it as an interop on your own, or just wait and will add it future updates.

Dear Gus,

May I know the time frame of publication of your new SQLite library?

No public details we can share at this point but we will be providing more plan details in a few weeks

Look forward to hearing your good news.

Any update about SQLlite development for TINYCLR?

If you have commercial needs then I suggest we talk shortly and discuss your needs please.

We are using the SQLite in our access control system with G400D that hosts cardholder’s profile and logical relations of accessible destination points. Without SQLite, we will not consider migrating the system to TinyCLR + UC5550.

Please shoot me an email g@ghielec…

We would consider using SQLite on our system too. No specific plans but would be useful in the future (UC5550, TinyCLR)

It is a very useful feature