SQLite in Chipworkx

how do you make a database in Chipworkx using SQLite?

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Have you read GHI SDK documentation?


Not yet. I am actually new to NETMF. I actually need to put a database in Chipworkx for our thesis.

It is pretty straightforward. Try it out and if you’ll stuck we here to help. There is also handy wrapper

Thanks… I’ll go try it now.

What happened? An error occured when i tried to run the wrapper…

  1. Is your firmware and SDK up to date and match each other?
  2. Remove and re-add references and then rebuild wrapper and test app.

I’ve downloaded the SDK just last month. I’d already remove and re-add the references back but the error is still there.

What is your firmware version on the device?

I still get an error with the wrapper…why is that?

You are running on the device not emulator, right?

Im running it in the emulator. The device is with my group mate and is also trying the wrapper…

It has to be on the device. It will not work in the emulator.

ok…i’ll try it with the device later…Thanks. :slight_smile:

You are welcome! :smiley:

is it possible to create a view or stored procedure in sqlite?

Check if this is supported in the sqlite documentation. If it is then it should be working on Chipworkx as well.

I am having an error with my view whenever its getting data from multiple tables… how do you make a view in sqlite?

You need to read about it in the sqlite documentation.