Spreading the Gospel of GHI

I have a day job as a software architect and on occasion I bring in the stuff I’m working on for skewworks since my coworkers have access to CNC and laser cutters.

Today I brought in the Hyrda/CP7 tablet I’m working on to ask my buddy to make a case for it. 30 seconds after turning it on 3 of the other guys here (including the department head) want links to GHIs catalog. :slight_smile:

Hope you guys see a flood of orders. I know one guy is planning on replacing his dashboard cluster with a CP7

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Same story here. I have 4 co-workers playing with FEZ devices, I gave them. I know two of them has been ordering recently.

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I gave fez boards to two of my interns and i know they are using them to pass university projects. Hope they will spread the word further so that their class mates also want one :wink:

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You mean car dashboard? Nice!

I’ve been working on upgrading our cult to a full blown religion for awhile now :slight_smile: All I have to do is start casually playing with GHI boards in the presence of people who know what a microcontroller is, and they are instantly won over. One short sermon later, and they’re asking how to make an offering.

Same here, I gave away 2 panda boards to 2 students that worked here for a month :slight_smile:

I have given two boards to a summer intern, and tomorrow I give an internal seminar on NETMF and hope to start a lunch fez study group.

One former co-worker purchased a Spider Kit and a few current ones have a bit of interest. Hopefully my projects will pique it a bit more!

You guys are great, your support is surly needed and appreciated.

The new website will also make things easier to find. It is about done now.

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I was sure I was going to find a link to GHI in this Wired article “Why Designing a Mars Rover Like Curiosity Just Got a Lot Easier” :

Alas, no love.