SponsorBoard Module

I believe I now hold the record for largest Gadgeteer module :smiley:

The SponsorBoard module is an idea I had for raising funds to get a set of kits funded for NashMicro (http://nashmicro.net). The idea was to build a board that would eternally provide a spot for a sponsor logo while also being useful.

The board will be used to host a FEZ Cerberus Tinker Kit and will fit inside of the box that GHI ships the kits with. By having the modules mounted on the board during a workshop there is very little chance that any of the modules will be lost or “walk off”.

The built-in LED array is itself a working Gadgeteer module based on the generous efforts of Justin’s [Ingenuity Micro] LED Level module. There is one small difference. His module has 18 LEDs and mine only has 12 LEDs. Currently, the board is using his driver but I will be creating a customized variation soon. Oh, there is also one big difference… When I was designing the board, I was referring to a picture of the LED Level module which showed it as an “X” module. Tonight, after looking more closely at a real module, I realized that it’s actually an “SY” module… I won’t be ordering a revision. I’ll call it “extra credit” for the workshop attendees that figure it out.

My goal was to get 5 kits for NashMicro and I was able to do that fairly easily. The sponsors each paid $125 which gets their logo on the board for the life of the kit and their logo on our websites for 1 year. If you have a group that needs some kits, I highly recommend this approach. It was a fairly easy sell and it ends up being a great value for the sponsor.

All schematics & [soon] the driver are available at the link below. Feel free to use them in any way you wish. Just be sure to pass along the attribution to Ingenuity Micro.

The FEZ kits should arrive tomorrow. I’ll post some updated pics/videos with everything mounted this weekend.

Next… Hot air soldering stations… :smiley:

EDIT: New demo video added showing kit and logo attached.


@ ianlee74 - Making the boards the right size to fit in the kit boxes = BRILLIANT!

Nice job!

Brilliant idea. You should list this under creations.

Thanks, devhammer.

Thanks. Once I finish up the driver, I probably will. Perhaps this could be a fundraiser of itself for NashMicro. Or perhaps you could produce & sell them with the kits and make a little donation to NashMicro for every one sold? :wink: (yep, my fundraising hat is on this morning)

I added a new video to the first post that shows a populated Sponsor Board running a modified Cerberus Tinker Kit demo that Jeff created.


Also, there’s been some interest in me selling these. To do so, I would need to order another batch w/o the NashMicro logo. If I can get at least 10 pre-orders then I’ll do it. Otherwise, I’ll probably just leave it to everyone to order their own. It’s never really been a goal of mine to get into the assembly business.

What are your thoughts? Would you want the board just plain w/o the LED Level module on-board or would you want the board as-is but without the NashMicro text. You could place your own sticker/logo in that space?

The boards as-is would probably be $20. All proceeds would go to NashMicro.

@ ianlee74 - Nice work. I like the flash when you miss the pong.