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I didn’t plan on entering the Halloween contest, but then I saw that there were only a few entries three days before the deadline, I decided to spend this weekend working on this spider. It didn’t quite work out, my servos are just too weak for the task and there is no way I can fix this in time for the contest, but I think he’s pretty cool, so I’m sharing it here instead of entering it into the contest.


Very cool!

I can’t tell for sure, but it looks like there are servos under the leg servos. Are those so that it can actually move it’s legs back and forth to walk?

EDIT: Never mind, just saw the video. you might want to consider powering it by AC adapter. The servos might just be starved for current.


[quote]Very cool!

I can’t tell for sure, but it looks like there are servos under the leg servos. Are those so that it can actually move it’s legs back and forth to walk?[/quote]
Yes, I thought he’s cool too. Thx.

Yes, there are two servos for each leg. More info is on my blog, but here’s the video.



That’s creepy. :smiley: I love it

Foekie has a similar thing. but probably the servos in his Hexapod are controled in a different way.


It’s too bad the motors aren’t stronger because it looks very functional.

Shorter legs would require a lot less torque from the motors but it wouldn’t look as good. Another thought would be to have the legs as the only thing on the platform as the prosoma then put all the guts as the opisthosoma that it simply drags behind it and never has to lift.


I will only say, spiders have 8 legs :wink:


You are the servos god from now on :slight_smile:


Indeed, my servos are controlled via serial commands (connected to SSC-32)
I do all servo project with this board. It’s just awesome and not expensive.

Anyway. You will not get it to work this way.

First of all your legs are constructed in a way that they will require a lot of torque. therefor this can only be done with high power servos. Mini servos just suck for this.

I will be working on my hexapod again soon. My servos are almost in stock (17kg/cm torque, how cool is that 8) )

I will be rewriting my code too. The new servo class (as used in the halloween contest project) is much better :slight_smile:

@ gus, no he is not. This is not yet >18 servos :smiley:


I’ve just read about the SSC-32. Its ability to group move a bunch of servos so they start and end at same time even when each servo needs to travel different speeds is very cool.

Thanks for the tips Foekie.


You’re welcome ;D

SSC-32 can also do some walking patterns (which I did not use yet)

I’m working a new blog, so that I can share some more knowledge around the web.
If you need help, ask me or email me if you like foekie01’at’hotmail’dot’com



If the legs/servos couldn’t support the weight of the spider, you should have just suspended if from a web line. Still would have been quite scary since you had pretty realistic leg motion already.

Maybe next year.



Oh that’s a good idea. I don’t stand a chance with such high quality projects from the others anyway though. Fairly so, they spend more time on their projects than I did. Next time, I will start earlier. :slight_smile: