Spider with GHI .NET

Is it possible to run GHI Electronics NETMF v4.1 on Spider board and use modules without gadgeteer code?

I don’t like gadgeteer but like GHI Electronics NETMF Premium

(I’m venturing a guess here)
I would imagine so, seeing that it’s a EMX at heart. You would just need to work out the Cpu.Pin to socket/pin mapping.

Yes of course you can but why? You can always have a mix of both to fit your needs.

@ Honken - Very much so, just create a vanilla Micro Framework project and away you go. I must admit i like vanilla over Chocolate

I have run out of stock of my products (based on USBizi SoM) and need to get a prototype board running with my code. Panda 2 it also an option but there is no shield with only CAN transceiver.

There are many nice modules to get a prototype running in vanilla mode :slight_smile:

I see, yeah just plug in the CAN module and use the same panda code. It will simply work :slight_smile:

I now got my spiders with CAN and SD. Just plugged it in and deployed my premium solution and it works like a charm… :slight_smile:

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