Spider update and Windows 10

I’ve updated the Spiders a number of times without any issues… until Windows 10 arrived! I am now in a situation where I cannot update any Spider on either my desktop machine or the laptop as the GHI Bootloader gives the dreaded ‘Device cannot start (Code 10)’.

I’ve tried different ports, hubs, leads etc, deleted and reinstalled the drivers but nothing has worked so far. Anyone have any ideas before I throw the toys out the pram and go back to Windows 7? >:)

This OP had the same issue, just checked now and didn’t see a resolution. (Assuming your SetupApi.log file has the CM_PROB_FAILED_START) failure.


Same here, the device is detected but doesn’t start. I took my old Windows 7 machine and used that to update.
For me this was some month(s) ago but I ran into this issue again today.

@ GHU: will there be a solution/update/work around available soon?

@ JdV - We do not have a fix or workaround for this yet beyond using another computer.

Can you temporarily disable signed driver enforcement in windows 10 like you can in windows 7/8?

I’ve had other products with that symptom that went away when I did that. Of course the problem was the drivers weren’t signed, so that is probably not the issue.

@ mtylerjr - Our drivers are signed