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Spider starter kit for sale plus extras!


Trying to upgrade to to 4.3 and something went south. Don’t have time to troubleshoot, moving on to other projects. Device is not recognized by fez config, maybe an easy fix. Reply If interested, ill make you a good deal. Several extra modules including wifi and serial camera


You might want to fill in your profile so people know what continent this is located on, might save postage for someone.


How much…including shipping to USA (Texas)???


Well not quite the north pole, but I can see the pole from here, so how much including shipping to Calgary Alberta Canada.


Also interested. …located in new zealand


Okay there is more interest than I expected. I will likely do an international eBay auction. Ill post a link to that here when it’s up. Shipping would be calculated from TN, USA.


eBay auction is up for the spider is up:

Note: this is not a full spider starter kit, I kept some stuff, but it also includes stuff not in the spider starter kit…like WiFi module and PIR motion module. See auction for details on modules.


Awwww. $31 shipping to New Zealand?


I might post a similar thread soon, I have allot of arduino stuff that don’t need anymore, soon as I gather everything im selling.