Spider - Missing 'GetBitmap' function

All of a sudden i seem to be missing the GetBitmap function…see screenshot. All references seem to be there, i have even added them manually just to make sure.
The strange thing is if i load an existing project which uses the GetBitmap function (i…e Microsnake) it’s there!!
I have uninstalled .NETMF & GHI SDK and reinstalled (4.1 april 23). This happens with Visual C# 2010 Express & VS2010 Pro.
Using Spider with latest firmware.

any ideas anyone?


Verify that the bitmap is actually loaded and saved as part of the resource file or that function will not show up in the resources object.

Thanks Aron,
It seems that when i add the bitmap from the solution explorer its not actaully adding the resources. I had to go to the project properties and load it there. I’m sure i used to just add it in the solution explorer. Been a while since i did anything with VS so maybe my memory is going…
Oh well it works now… cheers