Spider II not booting

Hello I introduce myself to the forum and greetings by thanking all learned just reading the topics of this fórum I could understand many issues, now I’m stuck, and excuse my bad English.
Developed an application for G120E Spider II, that I have debugged with Visual Studio 2013 and all is well, I can create the .hex in FEZConfig or MFDeploy and I load it.
My problem is that : when I cut out power, and reconect it does not restart until I newly press the reset#, then everything works normally. What do I wrong?
I tried LDR0 LDR1 and all options will be there to put High P1.30 / ADC4
I hope you can help me thanks

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If you have a display connected and configured, what do you see on the display?

welcome to the forum!

Can I ask how you know your app doesn’t start?

Can you create a simple test program and deploy it - it just has to flash the onboard led every second. If it works under the same power reset test, then the behaviour is in your app and potentially the devices it relies on - so you’ll need to help by explaining what you have connected and what you use in your app - for example, perhaps your power supply isn’t providing enough power quickly enough to allow an SD card to run, but once the power is stable and you hit reset, the app starts fine and can read off the SD.

I’ve seen this with a G120 based system.

What are you using to power the system with?

A slow rising power supply with cause the system to not reset properly and your symptoms hint at this. I had to change the RESET resistor to increase the reset hold time. You can either do this or find a different power supply.

Remove the SD card application and botting.
I will read the sd after startup.

Thanks for the lights that have given me.

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great to hear, glad we all helped out. Welcome to the forum, hope to see you around here some more