Spider camera example

Just received my Spider kit (early!) and attempted the camera example from the “Getting Started with the FEZ Spider Kit” guide.

  1. I connected the button to socket 4 as described in the guide but could not take a picture. Checking the Program.Generated.cs I noticed the button assigned to socket 11. Seems weird, no? So I switched the button cable to 11 and it worked. I then switched it back to 4, ran the debugger and it worked fine (and of course now Program.Generated.cs shows socket 4). I’d like to know what happened to prevent future head scratching.

  2. It doesn’t seem to matter if the USBClientDP is included in the Designer UI? I tried both ways, first without. Works either way.

Next I have to learn what the heck I typed in that example! BTW, the reference material available seems great.

  1. Can you reproduce it again?

  2. It doesn’t really matter.

  1. I’ll start from scratch tomorrow when I get to the timer example. Olympics time!
    One thing I did out of sequence was to load the drivers after I typed the project.

I hear you! :slight_smile: