Spider "Buffer OVFLW"


I get a “Buffer OVFLW” message on the display after running my app for approximately 5 minutes. The app is quite large and it would be quite impractical to post all of it here. When debugging no exceptions are thrown.

I am not directly communicating via serial port. However, I am using several modules including the serial camera which is doing so. Using latest firmware. Please advise.

This is directly related to serial ports not keeping up.

@ Gus - is there a way to resolve this (checking buffer usage or clearing it?)

@ andre.m - do you have any sample code to do this?

@ andre.m - I am currently not interacting with serial ports directly. How would this fit in with a streaming serial camera (Gadgeteer.Modules.GHIElectronics.SerCam)?

Looks like the system gets too busy to handle everything.you can try to control when the camera is taking pictures. Baducally optimize the system a bit.

Are you using TCP/IP in your design?

I get this error on the LCD when I have an issue with a TCP/IP connection not being present and use the workaround to stop connect hanging. As long as the connection is alive, it all just works but shutdown the server it is trying to connect to and a little while later I get the overflow error.

I know this to be the case as I shutdown the task that handles the serial from Xbee modules and then there is no serial and it still gives buffer overflow. As long as the connection works, there is no overflow error on the LCD.