Spider and RFID in retail demo

Hi guys. I’m doing an exhibition for digital marketing in retail and wanted to show this.
It’s a cabinet that responds to RFID tags and shows videos of the products placed in the centre box.
I built it using a spider an RFID module and a serial USB module. Little bit o middleware to take the ID and trigger the right content.
The image is on its side. I uploaded it from my iPhone and can’t rotate it :frowning:


Nice work Hugh :slight_smile:

Get photoshop for the phone :smiley:

Nice, what kind of RFID (module) are you using?

Haha thanks Justin, I’ve got it but didn’t think to use it :slight_smile:
@ Patrick standard gadgeteer RFID reader 125khz tags.

That is very professional and cool and should be eye catcher of a Gadgeteer project as it ‘looks’ great, sorry about the limited abilities of your phone though. Can you post a demo video of it this product in action (ie someone swapping product in the center cube). Where are you showing this?

Nice work :slight_smile:

@ HughB - Very cool! What kind of displays are you using?

Very nice, HughB! Are the videos played through a PC and the Spider is just telling it which one to play?

Hey guys. I didn’t get a chance to shoot any vid but I know people who did so I will get something posted as soon as I can.
@ architect the displays are a new cube display from Samsung, they are pretty nice. I daisy chained 4 together (they have Dvi loop out) and set them to vidwall mode. Behind that I had a PC running the digital signage software that the company I work for makes.
@ Ianlee74 - So the spider gets the ID and passes it to the pc where my little middle ware works out which tag it is and then fires the relevant software GPI using an http post message either to the local host or any other player IP addy
It’s interesting the response we got. Now I need to look into how to get an RFID read at a distance of about 1.5 meters reliably
I’ve got another vid of another RFID demo I did in the office which I will upload here tomorrow.
@ dukenukem - we were showing it as part of a digital retail mini expo in association with Harrods (the London dept store who use our software throughout) at the Bvlgari hotel in London.

Next on the list is GPS based content triggering for transport. 10 meter prescision advertising driven screens on busses anyone?

Nice client you have there in Harrods, so you guys must make some rather nice edgy stuff. I can’t afford to get into Harrods, but Justin tell me it does in a pinch :slight_smile:

Cool idea on the GPS content, will be interesting to see it in action.

Here it is http://www.ghielectronics.com/community/forum/topic?id=11506

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