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Today I was at the Amsterdam ArenA home of dutch soccer club AJAX where we have installed a Fez Spider based I amsterdam Card reader.

The reason for my visit was to upgrade the Fez Spider to NetMF Before upgrade the reader works fine with their network and received a ip-address served by the infoblox DHCP server, but had white screen issue (WSOD, mentioned here before). After upgrade to the Spider didn’t receive a IP-address anymore.

The code used (I’ll post it later when i get home) is normal gadgeteer based network init code, the spider kept waiting for an ip-address from DHCP Infoblox server. After reboot same issue again.

Finally we decide to go back to SDK and the DHCP works like a charm. So this must be an issue with, or not?


There was another DHCP related fix that is not in Hopefully that would be the last DHCP issue.

It i fixed and will be in next SDK coming soon, maybe couple weeks.


Thx Gus, is there a way to get a beta release just for testing? I’ve got a very serious discussion with my CEO today about why I can’t solve these issues. So a beta would be helpful.


There are many changes. If we give you a firmware, you can’t use any of the libs.


Ok, please count me in at the very first moment a beta become available. I appreciate your quick responses Gus!


Thanks Andre, for now we’re waiting for a fix from ghi. In the meantime we start testing with both options at our own office network.


@ GUS - Any news or delivery date on the new SDK with the fixes?


As far as i know it is done and being packaged. Maybe a week.

This is not a promise :slight_smile:


Ok, thx Gus. :slight_smile:


@ Gus: any news on this?


Insiders got a link to the SDK for testing and all seem going well so far.


Thats great news! When will it be available to the public?


10…9…8…7…6… :slight_smile:


…such a tease.


it is already posted, under beta till Monday. take a look please.