SPI Slave Implementation

I would like to use the ChipWorx as a SPI slave which emulates a Rosemount 205 sensor. Has anyone had any success implementing a SPI slave?


How did determine it need slave SPI?

Because the SPI master on (the Electronic Flow Computer) Polls it.

I mean I looked at the sheet you posted but it doesn’t say anything about this.

The device that is the SPI master in this case is the FloBoss 103:

[url]Automation Solutions | Emerson US

Gus, he needs to make a chipworks look LIKE that sensor that he posted.

The sensor is SPI slave, so he needs the chipworks to be SPI slave…

Emulate the sensor?

Correct. I need to play back test cases to the Electronic Flow Computer using ChipWorx.

Oh now I see why. You can do that using RLP only.

Can GHI make an abstraction layer for basic request repsonse protocols?

GHI can make about anything through our consulting services. Please contact GHI directly if this is something you are interested in.

I will. Is GHI closed for the long weekend?

Not everyone worked today but we will be back on Monday.

Hi Gus,

Have you implemented the slave SPI on the G120?
Same thing as Jason needed, we need our G120 to be a slave device on SPI bus.


As you can see, the request was over a year ago. This is very rarely needed. You can still implement it using RLP or register access if you like. We have no plans on adding it in the near future.

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Software bit banging version (lower speed) would probably be feasible too.

@ GUS @ Architect
Thanks for your replies. We will probably do it by software…the only problem is that the SPI2 pins are not GPIO and the board is routed…
But now I know which orientation to take. Thanks again. SPI SLAVE file closed.