Speed comparison

Either that, or NETMF is emulating the FPU whether it’s enabled or not. Something is definitely fishy.

And both the G80 and Panda III should do slightly better than the Quail which is running at 168MHz.

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I know why and this will be solved after the big release. Will share more info once we have verified the improvements.


Ehm, why is your 411 running faster than my Nucleos 411RET ???

@ PiWi

It all comes down to Quantum entanglement theory errors converting your West Germanic language byte[] to the far more efficient Anglo Kiwi iByte[]™

Or the more likely scenario that you have done your tests in Debug and I have used Release mode :wink:

PS - in Debug I get 5:18 as well


@ Justin - :smiley:

Maybe I can borrow some energy from LHC in Cern here in Switserland its not that far away so I can give the quarks a bit of a boost.

I’ll try again … see what Quantum leap I run into …