Spark Core Is in

Anyone get their new Spark Core yet ?
Mine just came in 2 days ago. It was well worth the wait i love it.

Got two of those before Xmas. One made an excellent gift for a friend.
By the way one was working out of the box. The other one I had to reflash with firmware.

Wow this is a very cool product!
Have either of you tried the JTAG interface?
Have you been able to flash it locally instead of using their cloud IDE?

I got mine before Christmas. It took me about three days to finally get the thing connected to my network. I pushed a simple blink program to it to test the process but haven’t spent much more time with it. I actually love having the ability to develop and deploy from a web IDE. If NETMF had that with debugging, I’d be an instant converter. I’ll be using the Core for a little robot build we’re doing with a local robotics club.

BTW, my problem with connecting to the network was because I was trying to do it over USB with the TI app because I didn’t have an Android or iPhone handy and the firmware on the CC3000 that shipped with the Core has a bug. Once I installed the app on an Android tablet and did the setup that way, it worked like a charm.

Can I get a +1 for a Cerb40 w/ onboard CC3000 and WiFi debugging??? :smiley:


They are coming out with a local IDE soon.

Looks like a really useful little board. It is quite cool that it even runs on 3V3, which makes interfacing to Gadgeteer mainboards easy.

But having said that… personally I’d still rather go with the Arduino Yun as it includes a couple other useful things that I really like. And I’m just a teensy bit apprehensive from having the use a cloud service from Sparkfun. I’ve been burnt a little bit in the past with products I bought from Sparfun which did not work as well as it looked on paper and I did not get any joy via their online forums to rectify the situation.

And I also think the online documentation and examples that you find for the Yun will always be far better than what Sparkfun can provide. In my opinion the Yun already has a huge lead which the Spark Core will not be able catch up to. Only advantage I can think of for the Spark Core is price and size, but for that you give up cool features like USB host, built in SD card and Linino.

@ KiwiSaner - Spark Core is not made by Sparkfun.

@ Architect - Oops! :-[

Does SparkCore use the TI wifi module ?

Yes, CC3000

Spark Core

8 digital I/O pins, 8 analog I/O pins
8 PWM pins; UART (Serial), SPI, I2C, and JTAG peripherals available
Programmed wirelessly (through Spark Cloud), via USB or JTAG
3.3V DC supply voltage (on board power regulator); can be powered by USB Micro
100mA typical current consumption; 300mA peak consumption (during transmit events)
2MB of external flash; EEPROM supplied by CC3000


STM32F103 microcontroller
ARM Cortex M3 architecture
32-bit 72Mhz processor
128KB of Flash, 20KB of RAM

Wi-Fi module

Texas Instruments SimpleLink CC3000
Range of 100-300 feet

I got the kit with 5 units. It is a great little device. Its still a little young and not ready for prime time, at least in my opinion. Currently it won’t run the app unless it has a connection to their Cloud. If the connection drops the user app will lock up. They are actively working on the issue and I think it will be resolved within the next few weeks When it is it will be a great board. They have built in encryption for their communications to the Cloud which is nice.

Their web IDE is pretty neat as well. The idea of being able to reflash a device over the internet (without having open up firewall ports, etc.) has some great potential.

I second the idea of a Cerb with the CC3000 built in.

@ $39 with Wifi, seems to be an interesting start for IoT type apps.

@ Rajesh It is a very nice board and capable candidate.

[quote=“skeller”]I second the idea of a Cerb with the CC3000 built in.

And I 3rd it.

The good question then is…Is it secure ?

I have a spark, and made a code over their web ide without debugger. It’s not really easy. It works, but i think netmf for this products. I can ses that the micro is a stm32f103, if i Start the module in dfu mode, can i flash the stm with netmf bootloader and then program it with vs??? Has anyone ever test it?

@ Gefkuz - the micro is too small on resources to run netmf.

Ah, if only. That’d be awesome.

I have an itty bitty design in mind :slight_smile: