How many “Mark as Spam” hits does a post have to receive to be deleted? 7 users have marked one post as a spam, but it was still not deleted and I could see it (from another internet browser where I am not logged in).

UPDATE: more than 10 users have marked it as a spam already.

@ iamin - may be it is deleted manually after a GHI admin is able to look at the post.

Crowd sourced but admin approved :slight_smile:

@ iamin - we normally delete them as soon as we see them. What post still hasn’t been deleted?

@ Gary - I was under impression that if a post receives thee spam reports it gets [em]automatically[/em] deleted or something like that.

@ iamin - I personally delete them as soon as I see them, if I am not sure for whatever reason then I wait to see if anyone votes.

What do you call a post that has Spam as the title?

Enquiring minds!


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Perhaps ones marked as SPAM should not be listed in the “Dashboard” view, That’s how I saw them and marked them as such…

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It takes three reports. You have to mouse over the link within the activity feed to see that each mention probably referred to different topics as there were multiple spam posts.

Since everything has been permanently deleted, I cannot confirm. I have added additional logging.

Now once something is marked as spam, it will also show a number to the right of the icon (number of reports).


When I tried marking Spam i received the following. The posts had already been marked 3 times.

I see the same thing - although the count was up to 14 by the time I got to it. Josh, once it’s marked spam it really needs to get removed from the unread list in the dashboard.

I made a fix and removed the three posts using the mark as spam button. We’ll keep an eye on it.