Spam prevention sugestion

Seen there’s often spam on the forum lately, i was thinking… (again?)

Require posts from new users to be moderated, I’m sure there are a couple guys here willing to do that, and i don’t think this is a big change to the forum soft (couple queries and an moderator page).
If the first 5 posts are indeed considered spam, simply delete the account and be done with it.
After the 5th valid post, they can post normally.

What ya think?

I think it’s a good idea except that I think we can even go as far as to say that after one valid post they are allowed to post normally. Spammers don’t usually start out with an intelligent question or answer :wink:

Another alternative would be to just have some moderators that could delete or mark them as needing further moderation by GHI. We have an active enough crowd that spammers are usually identified within minutes. It does seem that the level of spam has been on the rise the past few months.

The curse of being a popular forum is you get spammers to go with it. A button for forum members above newbie to flag inappropriate might not be a bad idea. :slight_smile:

Good ideas

Changing the spambot countermeasure question every once in awhile could help. Something more specific helps keep them out, not like a generic question, but one industry related.

Like, “How old is Gus?”, or “Is James and Steven brothers?”

“How many screw holes does a FEZ Spider have?”

I doubt the spam is coming from bots, and even if it is, the mechanical turk can break your countermeasures, quickly, easily, and cheaply, for anyone very determined. We also need a way to swiftly report and remove it.

Or simply not allow newbies to post hyperlinks :wink:

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Can you add graphic mosaic captcha ?

I don’t think it wouldt really help. The majority of the spam we’ve been seeing looks like real people that are going through the effort of creating an account just so they can post links to their products.

if use 100 posts before remove hard captha (more than 1 minute for confirm) than more this peoples will quit before post

1 lvl - 5x5 captcha 0-20 posts
2 lvl - 4x4 captcha 20-50 posts
3 lvl - 3x3 captcha 50-70 posts
4 lvl (before confirm from moderator ) 2x2 captcha