Source code for debugging

Hi, can anybody tell where to find all sources for 4.3 netmf. I am trying to debug some lines of code with gadgeteer modules and i can’t use a debugger because it throws a window asking to provide a source code file to start debugging.

you can step over that code, as you really don’t need to uncover most of what is in the Gadgeteer drivers… but is the place to get the code from if you really want it

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I checked this place, but i didn’t find a source code for serialcameraL2_v43. Is there another place to find it???

Serial Camera L1 & L2 use the same code.

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@ Alex Bilityuk - You can find our Gadgeteer source at Each SDK tags the latest commit in it, so you’ll see 2014 R3 a few commits back.

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Here we go! That’s what i am looking for… Thank you guys